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New Venue in Hampstead Starting 21st Sept

by Jo | 11/09/2015 | News

We are pleased to announce that we are beginning lessons at our fourth london venue, in Hampstead on 21st September. We will be working in partnership with Springhealth, who are letting us use their pool for hour long 1-2-1 Adult lessons.

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by SwimExpert | 04/09/2015 | News

We've recently come across, a company which seeks to match those with skills, time, and are willing to do odd jobs, with those who have things that need doing.

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Dorking and Lymington Discount Announcement

by Jo | 04/09/2015 | News

Do you live in Dorking or Lymington? Book now to get a free lesson if you book a block of private lessons with us!

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Swimming hats guide

by Jo | 04/09/2015 | News

Swimming caps are very useful, not only do they keep your hair dry(or drier than if you are to not wear a swimming cap) but they also prevent hair getting in your eyes, and making you more hydrodynamic in the pool. They’re also there to keep any nasties which might be in the pool or sea out of your hair (food, plasters, head lice, seaweed, etc). Caps also keep your head warm if you’re doing a longer swimming session (to varying degrees depending on material). Here's some information about how to put them on, how much they stretch, and what the different materials are designed for.

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We now have lessons at Bristol Aztec

by Jo | 03/09/2015 | News

We are excited to announce that we are working with the Aztec Hotel and Spa, bringing our 1-2-1 swimming lessons to the north of Bristol, near the junction of the M4 and M5.

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Although they're in space, Astronauts still need to swim!

by Jo | 02/09/2015 | Tons of FUN

Would you like to be an Astronaut? You'll need to be a competent swimmer; even though your job'll be in Space!

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Aldershot Open Day

by Jo | 02/09/2015 | News

We are pleased to announce that at our fantastic Aldershot venue, we have an Open Day, where we offer the chance to meet some of our renowned instructors, as well as have a FREE taster session, to experience why we are the No1 Swimming Improvement Service in the UK.

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92 Year Old Loses Weight by joining Gym and Learning to Swim

by Jo | 01/09/2015 | News

Our heart was warmed this morning after reading an article in The Mirror, about Betty Jones; a 92 year old who lost 7 stone recently, through joining a gym and learning to swim

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5 year old swims a mile!

by Jo | 25/08/2015 | News

A 5 year old girl from Walsall has swum a mile (70 lengths), and after looking on the internet, her mum thinks she might be one of the first to do it! “"I think she must be one of the youngest children in the country to have swum a mile.”

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Great British Success at the World Deaf Championships 2015

by Jo | 24/08/2015 | News

Last week, (17th-22nd August) a team of 15 GB swimmers aged 14-23 competed in the World Deaf Swimming Championships, finishing 7th in the medal rankings with 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 4 Bronze.

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