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Private Swimming Lessons For The Over 55s

Helping people over 55 to learn and to improve their swimming

At SwimExpert we teach people of all ages and abilities. We notice that a large number of over 55s worry about not being able to swim or having poor technique. This page is especially for you because we want to reassure you that its really 'never ever too late' to achieve success in the water.


  • Learn to swim or improve your swimming whatever standard you are.
  • Guaranteed improvements in each lesson.
  • Swim with us in beautiful, clean and warm health club pools.
  • Private one to one tuition that focuses just on you.
  • Get special over 55s off-peak discounts and savings.
  • In water help where needed.

We can help you to achieve your swimming goals, whether that’s simply learning to swim (something you probably wish you had done years ago!) or perhaps so that you can go on holiday with your family to swim with dolphins, or maybe its improving your already competent swimming ability or perhaps even its for jumping up the masters and triathlon rankings. Whatever the reason, we can help.

You will get special individual one to one attention from our handpicked and experienced swimming teachers that can guarantee to get you improving.

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