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Advanced Lessons For Competition

Here’s a quick way to get ahead in the pool

SwimExpert offers you a supplement to your training that is guaranteed to help you improve. We help competitive swimmers of all abilities and ages (masters too!) to start improving their stroke and times.

  • Coaching swimming technique.
  • Swimming coaching sessions.
  • Race plans and preparation.
  • Race evaluation.
  • Specific land conditioning for swimmers.
  • Nutritional advice for swimmers and swimmers’ parents.
  • Building a swimming programme.

If you’re just starting to compete, or looking to climb up the national rankings, we can help you. We have a group of cherry-picked coaches that can seamlessly supplement your current training programme and give you quality time working on your technique, something that you often don’t get time to do within large groups.

It’s all one to one or private small groups, so we can completely focus on improving your swims. All bespoke and individually tailored to each new swimmer we work with. We have also swum to a high level and have spent many hours working with top swimmers improving race technique to get them more efficient and ultimately faster through the water.

Not convinced? See what other competitive swimmers have to say about our service. We stand by the quality of our service, and even offer you a progression guarantee if you think that we didn’t help you improve. Find out more and get your free copy of our SwimExpert ‘improve your swimming guaranteed’ brochure to see how our private swimming lessons can help you.

Or why not simply book your first lesson and start improving today!

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