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1. Can I try you out with one lesson or do I have to book a number of lessons?

The most cost effective way to take lessons is to book in 'blocks' of lesson, and that’s how most of our customers book with us. However if you are unsure and want to try us out then you can always book a single lesson. Remember that all our lessons are backed by our progression guarantee so there is no reason not to book more than one lesson!

2. Do I need to bring a towel with me?

You should bring a towel with you to each lesson. If you forget then many of our venues offer towel rental for a nominal charge, typically £1/£1.50, but please do not rely on this being the case.

3. Does the teacher get in the water with me?

Yes, unlike a lot of companies, we encourage our teachers to get in the water when needed to either demonstrate, support, or otherwise assist you in the learning process.

4. Do you do group lessons?

We primarily offer one-to-one lessons as we feel this is the best way to learn or progress your swimming. However if you want to improve your swimming with family members or friends of a similar ability then lessons can be arranged on a 1-2-2 or 1-2-3 basis (no more than three people can be in a lesson with our instructors). Different rates apply to 1-2-2 and 1-2-3 lessons, please ask for details.

5. How can I write you a testimonial?

We love testimonials, as it’s the surest way of our new potential clients checking out how good we are. Please leave a testimonial if you’ve enjoyed and benefited from using SwimExpert by simply visiting our page at Testimonials.

6. If my plans change can I re-arrange or cancel a lesson?

If you would like to have the flexibility to cancel or rearrange lessons with just 24 hours’ notice we offer a fully flexible option (our ‘flexi’ blocks) for a small additional charge. If you are unable to give us 24 hours notice then unfortunately your lesson will be forfeited, although you are welcome to offer the lesson instead to a relative or friend.

7. Will I have my own lane to swim in?

Normally we have a swimming lane dedicated to SwimExpert at the venues we use. This lane is only for the use of our clients and teachers. When one teacher is working then the lane will be solely for your use. If we have another teacher working then there may be another client in the lane at the same time.

8. What ages do you teach?

We teach swimming to people from around 2 years upwards and our oldest client (so far) is 78. You are never too old to learn to swim, improve your fitness or technique, and to have fun.

9. Do you give out awards and badges?

We can follow the National Plan and can assess levels and award badges accordingly. Once you have passed a particular stage then you can purchase an award and badge from our webshop.

10. Do I get anything for referring a friend?

Yes, we gain many new clients from customer recommendations and we are happy to reward you with a free lesson to say thank you.

11. How does your progression guarantee work?

It’s simple. If you do not believe you have progressed during your lesson then tell your instructor at the end of the lesson (or our customer service team within 48 hours). We will then offer you a replacement lesson.

Please note we can only consider progression guarentee claims made at the time of the lesson (or 48 hours there after). We reserve the right to not uphold any claims.

12. Are your lessons term based or do they run all year round?

Unlike many swim schools, we operate all year round and are able to offer lessons also on many Bank Holidays. Simply enquire about the dates you are interested in.

13. Is your service just for good swimmers?

Definitely not, we are just as happy helping someone overcome a fear of water or learn to swim, to helping an athlete shave a second off a lap time. Our instructors are chosen for their ability and enthusiasm for teach people of all ages and abilities

14. What qualifications do your instructors have?

All our instructors are ASA or STA level 2 (full swimming teacher) qualified. Many also have additional qualifications. Why not read about your own instructor on our team page at Team

15. When can I contact your office?

Generally from 9am to 7pm weekdays and 830am - 430pm on weekends (check our contact page for up to the minute changes) and often emails are monitored and responded to outside this time too. We aim to offer the best customer service possible and you will find our team helpful and just as enthusiastic about your swimming as you are!

16. Can a friend or parent watch the lessons?

Yes. All our venues allow a parent to watch their child having a lesson – some from poolside others from a viewing area. Facilities for more than one parent to view may be limited at some venues so please respect this one parent rule in this instance.

17. Can you help clients with disabilities or special needs?

Most likely, we have dealt with many clients with special needs and several of our instructors have additional interest or qualifications in this respect. Why not phone the office today on 0330 111 29 29 to discuss your particular needs?

18. What equipment do I have to bring with me?

Along with your usual swimming attire and goggles, you will be required to bring your kickboards and pool noodle to your lesson. As per your confirmation, adults will need to bring one large kickboard and one pool noodle, children will need two small kickboards and one pool noodle. Some venues may require you to wear a swimming cap – your booking confirmation will advise if this is the case. If you need to purchase any floats, swimming goggles, caps, swimwear, or many other swimming-related items then SwimExpert customers can use their exclusive 10% discount at,

19. How do I pay for the lessons?

We accept most major debit or credit cards (except American Express) either via our website or by telephone payment to our office. We do not accept cash/cheques nor direct bank payments.

20. Can I swim before or after the lesson?

You may only use the hotel pool whilst you are having lessons with us. However, many of our venues offer the ability to swim before or after your lesson for a small charge – please enquire directly at the leisure reception. Family members may also be able to obtain a day or session pass as well.

21. How long do the lessons last?

Lessons are generally either 30 or 60 minutes in duration. Most childrens’ lessons are 30 minutes, most adults 60 minutes, but this is dependent on your goals and needs. Why not phone the office today on 0330 111 29 29 to discuss which would be best for you?

22. Can a block of lessons be shared out between a family?

Yes if, for example, you have two children then you can book a block of lessons and decide which child is to have which of the lessons.

23. How long does it take to learn to swim?

That’s a tough one. How long is that piece of string? During your first lessons we will discuss your current abilities and your goals and set lesson plans that are sensible. Your instructor is the best person to give you a reasonable answer to this question once you have had a lesson or two with him or her.