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Physio In-Water Injury Rehabilitation

Lets help you to exercise and overcome injury

At SwimExpert, we know that if you have a lifelong injury that stops you participating in regular exercise, or if you have a new injury that you are trying to overcome, then swimming is the best form of exercise for recovery.

When you’re in the water, your relative weight becomes much less due to the support from the water. It means that you can exercise your body and not worry about aggravating your injury in the same way you may do on land. In fact it can help you to continue building the muscles around the injury and help you to overcome it.

Or you may have an injury that is not going to get better that prevents you from regular exercise on land. In this case, you can find that exercise in the water, is the only way for you to continue exercising.

Our cherry-picked teachers will help you to overcome your exercise limitations, get you better at swimming, and give you a great workout!

  • Reduced weight reduces risk of further injury.
  • Overcome injuries faster.
  • Build muscle and connective tissue to help you on the way to a full recovery.
  • Exercise with existing injuries can sometimes only continue in water.
  • Injury is a part of sport and life. Swimming can help you to overcome it faster and get you back to where you want to be.

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