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Track your swimming progress online!

by Stephen | 12/04/2019 | News

View your swimming progress on the my.swimexpert portal!

At SwimExpert, we’re pleased to offer our customers the chance to cut corners with their bookings and progress reports.

At one time all progress reports and bookings had to be confirmed by telephone or email, but as our customer base expanded and as demands for a fresh approach echoed all the louder, we decided to hop aboard the online world.

Our my.swimexpert portal is now a gateway to provide all our customers ease of access to their lesson schedules (including rebooking online and chopping and changing dates and times), progress reports, swimmer info, as well as direct access to our swim shop.

How do I get an invitation to the portal?

To get an invite, you will first need to sign up and pay for lessons with us. First time bookings are done over the phone. After this we will send you the invite by email.

How do I use the portal?

Good question! We have just the trick to help you navigate around our online portal, or just see what it looks like before joining us!

We have a number of YouTube videos for this on our channel ‘SwimExpert Portal’.

Here’s a video with the key pointers for using the portal –  (video also displayed at bottom of page)

My lessons

The first tab you will see on the portal is titled ‘My lessons’.

On here you can click on the blue box to see a summary of your scheduled lessons with dates and start times you have booked, as well as the swimmer’s name and instructor’s name.

From here you can also change the swimmer (for example if the usual booked swimmer can’t make it) or if you would like to rearrange a lesson (if you’re on the flexi block).

If you’ve opted to book with different instructors then having their name next to each lesson is a helpful reminder as to who is teaching what lesson. Or, if your usual instructor is away and we have a cover instructor in place, then you can see their name – you’ll be able to view their profile on our website for more info about them (to see our instructor profiles click here).

My reports

The next tab along from the top of the portal page is titled ‘My reports’.

The reports page is designed for you to track your progress after each lesson you have with us. When clicking on this page you will see a basic summary of each lesson report marked with a percentage (%) if you’re following the Ducklings or Learn-to-Swim stages. If you’re an adult then your instructor may be using comment-based reports only.

Click the green show/hide lesson breakdown button to see more info on how far you’re progressing on each stage requirement and/or see additional comments made by your instructor.


Click on ‘Shop’ and you will be directed to our swim shop ( Here you can purchase all the relevant swim gear you need to have great swimming lessons!

We sell a variety of items - from goggles, floatation aides, swim costumes, books, bags, and much more!

As a SwimExpert or HydroKidz customer, you will be eligible for discounts – get in contact to find out more.

Contact us

This page is self-explanatory. If you have any questions you can submit them via the portal and our Customer Service team will receive that message.

We aim to reply to all messages within 48 hours.

Our contact number (0330 111 29 29) and email link (info (at) is also displayed on this page if you would prefer to call.

Account management

Next along is the tab with your name displayed (with a small arrow pointing down).

Click on this and you will see three options appear on a drop down menu.

One option to click on is the ‘Manage My Account’. On here you see your account details (e.g. email address, phone number etc) and edit them if needed. You can also change your password from here as well.

Oh, and remember to click Save!

On the drop down menu you will also see the ‘Manage My Swimmers’. In the same way as the manage account page, on here you can see the swimmers who are assigned to you (if any) and make edits if needed.

If you edit the swimmer you can add any medical info you think your instructor should know about and also add what your goals or experience are. Adding this info is entirely up to you, but having this info saved on your portal means your instructor (or any future instructor) can see it – it can help them to prepare adequately for your lessons.

Book now

Finally, we have the green book now button.

Here you can book in and pay for more lessons – by selecting your day/time, number of lessons you want (block of 5, 10, 20 or 40 lessons) and so on.

You can make use of your reserve block to rebook lessons without the hassle of finding ad-hoc times. Don’t have a reserve block? Ask us to create one!


If you’re interested in booking private swimming lessons with us or you’re a current customer looking for more info or help regarding our online portal, please get in touch with us today!

0330 111 29 29