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Are you coming to one of our hotels in the half term holidays?

by Jo | 05/10/2015 | News

Because we exclusively teach in 4* hotels, it is the perfect opportunity to learn to swim as PART of holiday! 

How impressed would your son/ daughter’s swimming coach be if they came BACK from a week away with even better stroke technique and water confidence than they went with?

How great would it be to go away, and as well as relaxing in the spa, or the bar, overcome a fear of water- or conquer the front crawl for the first time.

Our instructors teach anyone, of any ability- over the age of 2.


Learning to swim opens a whole world of wonderful adventures- water parks, swimming holidays, etc, and it’s a priority skill to learn- as it’s a sport which as well as being fun, is lifesaving. Learn to swim this holiday- and your next holiday could incorporate watersports; or relaxing swimming in a tropical ocean.



If you’ve a break booked, ring us- and we can see if our instructors can schedule you in. We teach swimming at 20 hotel and health club pools across the UK.

If you fancy building a holiday around a learn-to-swim programme, see here for more details, or call 03301112929 to speak to our bookings team about availability.