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Private Swimming Lessons for Children and Adults in Central Oxford

Discover Our Swimming Lessons for Children and Adults at voco Oxford Spires, Abingdon Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX1 4PS

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Join us for lessons at the luxurious swimming pool at voco Oxford Spires, Abingdon Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX1 4PS

We offer private, weekday and weekend swimming lessons for children and adults in the luxurious, quiet, spa quality, heated swimming pool at the 4* voco Oxford Spires hotel. Join us in Oxford for one-to-one swimming lessons from the age of 2, with some of the UK’s best swimming instructors, progression is guaranteed or we will provide a replacement swimming lesson. We also provide swimming lessons in Oxford which are targetted at nervous or complete swimming beginners.

We're rated Excellent on Trustpilot, so don't just take our word for it!

We’d love to tell you more about our cost effective swimming lessons and lesson plans.


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Experienced and Certified Instructors
All our Oxford swimming instructors are ASA or STA level 2 (full swimming teacher) qualified and DBS checked. Many also have additional qualifications too. Why not read about our swimming instructors with the links below?

Luxurious Venues
We work hard to find the best venues for you to use and the voco Spires in Oxford is no exception. We use some of the best pools around often in 4* or 5* hotels. Often you’ll find yourself in a UV-filtered pool, without all the chemicals that you might associate with traditional pools!

Fun and Engaging Atmosphere
At SwimExpert, we focus on getting the swimming learner to improve quickly and effectively while having plenty of fun.

Small Class Sizes
We believe that swimming students perform much better in small groups or one-to-one in quiet environments without too many distractions.

Tailored Programs
Our swimming teachers are trained to teach swimming to children and adults with additional needs or disabilities, our ultimate aim is to help everyone progress and be able to swim!

Safe and Clean Environment
Our pools are always kept at optimum temperatures and it’s often a luxurious health club pool. Ultimately, we want you to be improving your swimming in the most comfortable, clean and pleasant pools around.

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Our Swimming Teachers
SwimExpert swimming teachers are hand picked from the best, selected for their experience, patience and passion. All are ASA or STA qualified and DBS checked, and we work to ensure high teaching standards while still following the Swim England curriculum.

Teaching swimming can often be a sensitive matter and you will find our teachers friendly and understanding, and are familiar with apprehension or even fear of water. We recruit teachers who show a genuine desire to help people achieve, and all our swimming teachers love what they do.

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Our Lessons

All of our swimming lessons are one-to-one or small groups (maximum of three), should you wish to swim with family or friends. This ensures we are able to provide the highest quality of teaching.

We are used to teaching people of all ages and swimming abilities. We take things at a pace which is comfortable for you and enables you to maximise your potential. If you’re just starting out, our teachers are often right beside you in the pool and can offer in-water swimming assistance whenever you feel you require it.

Private swimming lessons mean we can work out a perfect programme to suit you, whether you want a crash course, regular sessions or the occasional refresher swim course.

Times vary by location, but we offer weekdays, evenings and weekends swimming at most of them. Just let us know what suits you best and we will try to accommodate you.

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Adult Lessons - you can have one to one swimming lessons to guarantee your success in the pool.

Here at Swim Expert, we know through experience that sometimes, adult group lessons don’t work for everyone, and that going for adult one to one swimming lessons or small private group lessons is a preferred option. The benefits of this approach are numerous: you get one-to-one attention for fast improvements; the UK’s top swimming teachers are helping you; there are guaranteed results; swimming lessons are tailored to your needs and there is in-water help where needed.

We treat you as an individual and tailor your lessons to give you the greatest improvements. It’s this approach, along with our premium teachers, that has made our private swimming lessons the leading adult learn-to-swim programme in the UK.

Whatever level you are at when you start with us, we’ll find you the perfect teacher to suit your swimming development. All of our teachers are especially trained to ASA or STA level 2 (full swimming teacher) qualified.

Not sure about guaranteed success in the pool programme? See what others have to say about our private one to one swimming lessons.

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