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Case Study: Richard Saywell


Having injured my ankle playing football I needed some exercise that I could do and would provide some therapy. I had completed two triathlons in 2014, and wanted to improve my very rubbish swim technique in 2015, after my injury I thought it was the best time to actually get some lessons. I think I've read every bit of advice about swimming, but in hindsight, none of that information was specifically for me, and that was the difference with one to one lessons.

Lesson Structures and Overview:

I could have a session, take it away, and come back a few weeks later having practised something simple which would always make a big difference to my stroke.

We would spend a little time discussing how it went, what went wrong and why it went wrong. This was really important for me as I can start to understand why I do something when others may do something different, I can also hope to self fix some issues in the future.
I now have some solid basic thoughts for each part of my stroke, I'm some lengths away from Olympian, but the Ironman is now when rather than if!


Thoughts on the instructor and location:
Karsten was very patient and understood what I wanted, the Bristol location was perfect for technique training, and parking was easy. 

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