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Case Study: The Lockwood


Jane Lockwood has 2 children with very different needs. Jane found SwimExpert when she was looking for a birthday present for William (swims competitively) and decided to get private coaching. Jane has another son, Joseph, who has learning difficulties and very much a non-swimmer and saw this is something we could help with as well.


William – 10 year old competitive swimmer. He had never had lessons outside of school but Jane thought he could do with tweaking his technique. Being 1-2-1 lessons, William has received lots of feedback and tips from the instructor (Damien). As he was previously only having group lessons this wasn’t always the case.

Joseph – 6 years old and has learning difficulties. He has never been keen on swimming so Jane wanted to try the 1-2-1 lessons to improve his confidence in the water.  

The instructor

Damien is a fantastic instructor. He engages with the boys in very different ways based on their needs and abilities. He understood straight away what their requirements were.

Damien gives both boys exercises to work on in between lessons to help with progression. For example, Joseph has a much stronger left leg so Damien gave them exercises to increase the strength in his right leg (which mum helps joseph with).

During the lessons Damien will get in the water to aid and demonstrate what he is asking them to do. This is much easier for the boys to understand.

The lesson structure and bookings

The 1 hour lessons work very well for them and the venue is nice and relaxing. Jane is very pleased with the fast response from the bookings team and the ease of having to rearrange lessons if necessary. 

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