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Product News

Watch this for Christmas

by Jo | 07/12/2015 | Product News

Introducing the new Poolmate 2; a fantastic lap, stroke, and distance counting watch for the pool and open water which “sets the new standard for swim watches”- 220 Triathlon

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A history of pool noodles

by Jo | 21/10/2015 | Product News

Pool noodles are a versatile, instantly recognizable flotation aid which are often used to help swimmers gain confidence in the water, learn to swim, and after their skills have been built, quickly transition into limitless play toys in (and out of) the water. There is a slight contention with the name; some referring to the pool toys as ‘noodles’ and others as ‘woggles.’ We tend to brand ours as ‘noodles,’ but we wanted to explore the history behind the name debate.

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Stretching a swim cap

by Jo | 24/09/2015 | Product News

It's quite amazing really- that they capacity of a swim cap- which feels really tight on your head sometimes, can stretch (if stretched as per video) to fit a whole person (or more) in them

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Swimming hats guide

by Jo | 04/09/2015 | Product News

Swimming caps are very useful, not only do they keep your hair dry(or drier than if you are to not wear a swimming cap) but they also prevent hair getting in your eyes, and making you more hydrodynamic in the pool. They’re also there to keep any nasties which might be in the pool or sea out of your hair (food, plasters, head lice, seaweed, etc). Caps also keep your head warm if you’re doing a longer swimming session (to varying degrees depending on material). Here's some information about how to put them on, how much they stretch, and what the different materials are designed for.

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