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How Does A Swimming Pool Work?

by Jo | 28/09/2015 | News

The concept of a swimming pool often isn’t difficult, it’s a lined hole in the ground, or container above the ground which is filled with water, and we can swim in. However the pH, temperature, and filtration of swimming pools often makes them a little more complicated than the initial idea. Here we break down the very basics of how swimming pools work!

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Swimming hats guide

by Jo | 04/09/2015 | News

Swimming caps are very useful, not only do they keep your hair dry(or drier than if you are to not wear a swimming cap) but they also prevent hair getting in your eyes, and making you more hydrodynamic in the pool. They’re also there to keep any nasties which might be in the pool or sea out of your hair (food, plasters, head lice, seaweed, etc). Caps also keep your head warm if you’re doing a longer swimming session (to varying degrees depending on material). Here's some information about how to put them on, how much they stretch, and what the different materials are designed for.

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Although they're in space, Astronauts still need to swim!

by Jo | 02/09/2015 | Tons of FUN

Would you like to be an Astronaut? You'll need to be a competent swimmer; even though your job'll be in Space!

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