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Learn to swim in the October Half Term!

by Jo | 05/10/2015 | News

Learn to swim as PART of a holiday with an intensive course ; or one off lesson ; with our excellent instructors; and if you're staying at one of our hotels you won't even need to leave the building!

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How Does A Swimming Pool Work?

by Jo | 28/09/2015 | News

The concept of a swimming pool often isn’t difficult, it’s a lined hole in the ground, or container above the ground which is filled with water, and we can swim in. However the pH, temperature, and filtration of swimming pools often makes them a little more complicated than the initial idea. Here we break down the very basics of how swimming pools work!

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Stretching a swim cap

by Jo | 24/09/2015 | News

It's quite amazing really- that they capacity of a swim cap- which feels really tight on your head sometimes, can stretch (if stretched as per video) to fit a whole person (or more) in them

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by Jo | 23/09/2015 | News

We as SwimExpert are pleased to announce that in January we are opening a Swim School in Sonning, offering small group (4-6 in a class) lessons for children of all abilities.

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Dorking and Lymington Discount Announcement

by Jo | 04/09/2015 | News

Do you live in Dorking or Lymington? Book now to get a free lesson if you book a block of private lessons with us!

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Although they're in space, Astronauts still need to swim!

by Jo | 02/09/2015 | News

Would you like to be an Astronaut? You'll need to be a competent swimmer; even though your job'll be in Space!

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Great British Success at the World Deaf Championships 2015

by Jo | 24/08/2015 | News

Last week, (17th-22nd August) a team of 15 GB swimmers aged 14-23 competed in the World Deaf Swimming Championships, finishing 7th in the medal rankings with 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 4 Bronze.

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Word Deaf Swimming Championships

by Jo | 21/08/2015 | News

With a team of 15 swimmers, Great Britain are climbing the medals table at the World Deaf Swimming championships, happening at the moment in Texas. The championships started on Monday, and run through to Saturday, with live streaming available at their website

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