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Last Minute Booking For The May Crash Course!

by Kelly | 09/05/2018 | News

There is still time to book your spot onto the HydroKidz May Crash Course! Click 'Read More' for more information!

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Swim England!

by Zaynah | 27/06/2017 | News

You may already be aware, but the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) have recently rebranded and are now known as Swim England.

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Summer Crash Course

by Zaynah | 02/06/2017 | News

In conjunction with HydroKidz, we are running a summer crash course for children from Monday 21st August - 25th August!

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New timetable in Chatham!

by Zaynah | 02/06/2017 | News

We are pleased to announce that we have extended our teaching days and times in the Bridgewood Manor Hotel. Located in Chatham (ME5 9AX) we are now teaching at this venue 3 days a week - including weekends! If you would like to enquire into this venue, please get in touch on 0330 111 2929.

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NEW VENUE in Stratford Upon Avon

by Jo | 11/01/2016 | News

We are pleased to be opening a venue in Stratford Upon Avon, enabling us to provide swimming lessons in another location of the UK.

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Will 2016 be your learn-to-swim year?

by Jo | 14/12/2015 | News

Recently the ASA did a study which concluded that swimming is one of the nation’s sporting activities. We, of course, need no convincing of this, with thousands of people of all ages having lessons with us this year. They quoted that “250,000 adults have improved their swimming ability through teaching and coaching” and we at SwimExpert are pleased to have played our part in this; having helped this.

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Watch this for Christmas

by Jo | 07/12/2015 | News

Introducing the new Poolmate 2; a fantastic lap, stroke, and distance counting watch for the pool and open water which “sets the new standard for swim watches”- 220 Triathlon

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A history of pool noodles

by Jo | 21/10/2015 | News

Pool noodles are a versatile, instantly recognizable flotation aid which are often used to help swimmers gain confidence in the water, learn to swim, and after their skills have been built, quickly transition into limitless play toys in (and out of) the water. There is a slight contention with the name; some referring to the pool toys as ‘noodles’ and others as ‘woggles.’ We tend to brand ours as ‘noodles,’ but we wanted to explore the history behind the name debate.

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Benefits of Swimming

by Jo | 13/10/2015 | News

We're firm believers that swimming is an essential life skill. Moreover, it's a fun way to keep fit and a fab place to make friends. Furthermore, it's got lots of other benefits, as we detail below.

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A Bit About ASA Badges

by Jo | 06/10/2015 | News

We love hearing that all of our swimmers are progressing well, and achieving lots of the ASA Badges. But which one should you buy, and what do they mean? This post might make things a little clearer.

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