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Will 2016 be your learn-to-swim year?

by Jo | 14/12/2015 | News

Recently the ASA did a study which concluded that swimming is one of the nation’s sporting activities. We, of course, need no convincing of this, with thousands of people of all ages having lessons with us this year. They quoted that “250,000 adults have improved their swimming ability through teaching and coaching” and we at SwimExpert are pleased to have played our part in this; having helped this.

Our 1-2-1 lessons are the perfect way to learn to swim, whatever your age. 

We provide a private lane in a quiet hotel pool, facilitating a relaxed and reassuring environment which many find helpful for overcoming a fear of water, or cracking difficult technique improvements as a competitive swimmer.  1-2-1 lessons are completely tailored to your needs and goals, with unique lesson plans complementing your strengths and helping you improve and achieve your goal. Our supportive instructors devote much time to planning and communicating, so even if they are away, you get the continuity you deserve, as well as sometimes a fresh perspective on your stroke.


The report also states that swimming is a unique sport; anyone can take part no matter of age or ability- and our experience more than reiterates this. In the last few months alone we’ve had swimmers over 80, wanting to improve their health with a fantastic low impact activity, adults with a lifelong fear of water being confident in the pool ready for their winter breaks abroad (and now looking forward to their summer holidays next year), children who came to us from water babies improving oand increasing their confidence and skill in the water, and everything in between. We aid triathletes and open water swimmers, subtly changing pool technique to equip you for the challenges of triathlon and open water swimming, and also give guidance to those who are swimming for rehabilitation. Within our team of superb teacher several are qualified and experienced in teaching those with disabilities as well. 

Whatever your swimming need- we can help you next year!

It takes 20 hours (on average) to learn a new skill; and swimming is no exception. Our blocks of 20 are our most economical; saving up to £20 per lesson compared to our single lesson price.

With our progression guarantee in each lesson, starting 20 lessons in January means you can be confident that you, or your child, will be confident in the water and have considerably improved swimming well in time for your summer holidays.

Our carefully and individually planned lessons which are tailored to each individuals offer an opportunity for our experienced and highly qualified  instructors to incorporate your needs and goals into the lesson so that no length, oractivity is wasted, and every session you or your child gets closer to achieving their goal, be it swimming a faster race, or swimming for the first time.

We are getting very busy from January onward, so we recommend that you reserve them in advance with a deposit!

Call us today on 03301112929 to discuss your nearest venue, and who the best teacher from our array of qualified teachers with different strengths would be able to help you in the area you need!