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What to pack in your swimming kit?

by Just Swim | 05/02/2020 | News

  • Swimwear. This may be a swimming costume, trunks or shorts. There is no set guidance for anyone who wishes to wear full body suits for religious beliefs, or a pre-existing medical condition for swimming and water safety.
  • Towels. A towel is essential for drying off after your swim. You may want consider taking more than one. Always good to be prepared.
  • Toiletries. The chlorine and other chemicals used in the swimming pool can leave skin and hair a bit dry, so make sure you remember shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and any other toiletries you may need.
  • Water. Swimming is a form of exercise. When swimming it’s important to keep hydrated. In a pool you won’t notice how much they sweat. Remember to take a water bottle, keep it on the side of the pool and take regular sips.
  • Snack. It might be an idea to pack a small snack such as a banana for straight after their swim. This will help to replace energy.
  • Hairbrush/Comb. For those with longer hair, bringing hair clips or hair bands is an idea if you they are planning to swim without a cap.
  • (Venue Specific) Locker coins. Most of our venues have lockers for customers. Lockers usually require coins or a token. Please check with the venue to ask what they need for the lockers.
  • (Optional) Swimming cap. Swimming caps can be useful for anyone with longer hair. They not only keep the hair out of the face, but also reduce ‘drag’ to make swimming that bit easier.
  • (Optional) Goggles. Although not essential, wearing swimming goggles during the lesson is acceptable and preferred by some of our customers.