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92 Year Old Loses Weight by joining Gym and Learning to Swim

by Jo | 01/09/2015 | News

Our heart was warmed this morning after reading this article, about Betty Jones; a 92 year old who lost 7 stone recently, through joining a gym and learning to swim.

She states “A lot of people seem to use age as a reason to give up, but I hope I can show them that you are never too old and you can do anything at any age… “I don’t like people holding me out as some sort of example to others, but I would urge everyone to realise a very important lesson you are never to old to achieve anything.” 

Our oldest client currently is in his 70’s (who’s recent testimonial is below), but with Jane Asher, who is still breaking world records aged 85, the report of a granny winning medals, and now this – it’s showing that swimming really is a sport at any age!


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