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Early bird catches the worm…or rather, a discount!

by Stephen | 04/04/2019 | News

Have you thought about taking up an early morning activity to spring-start your day?

Now that British Summer Time recently started (well, kind of…) with the clocks going back an hour, this may have triggered that response in you: a fresh start!

At SwimExpert, we have the perfect opportunity for you act on this feeling – with the dawn of lighter and happier mornings now upon us - with our fantastic 1 on 1 tailored swimming lessons at a range of 4* rated hotel pools.

From as early as 6am, and available for both children and adults, you can really make a splashing start to your day.

And to create an appetite for morning lessons, we go by the moto of: The early bird catches the worm!

But why I hear you ask!

When you book for weekday morning lessons with us, you will receive tumble-turning-ly good discounts - savings of up to 84% on a block of 40 compared to evening sessions on the flexi plan, for example!

Very tasty indeed.

But if you’re not yet convinced by this whole early-morning-lesson-malarkey, you can still savour this discount for any lessons booked before 2pm on a weekday – so you can still have a lay-in.

Further benefits of morning lessons…!

Ok, ok – even if the discount alone doesn’t entice you, there are plenty of benefits to swimming in the morning. Here’s a few we can think of -

  • A quieter pool to focus on your development
  • Both you and your instructor have probably just drank a coffee, so you’re buzzing!
  • An endorphin-inducing exercise to really kick start your day
  • Your evening is free – watch a bit of Netflix maybe? Do the chores (sigh), or perhaps a spot of Scrabble?!
  • Stress-busting regime to ease any anxieties for the day ahead

I’m sure you can think of plenty more – and there’s certainly an abundance of health benefits to create a flowing list.

So, in the same way the clocks rolled back an hour to mark the summer, why not also roll back your lesson times and leap into morning (or early afternoon!) sessions…and catch that slithery discount whilst you’re at it!

It’s over to you: call us on 0330 111 29 29 to get started.