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Benefits of Swimming

by Jo | 13/10/2015 | News

Learning to swim is important. It’s a life skill that helps you keep fit, and keeps you safe. It gives your child access to a whole world of water fun which otherwise they wouldn’t be able to do and boosts their confidence. There are also a host of health and mental benefits to swimming.


Life skill- it is rare to forget how to learn to swim (though a refresher to reacquaint you with the water is advised). Swimming is saved to your procedural memory which; like walking, speaking, riding a bike, typing, etc, are established through repetition and practice to your unconscious memory; thus it is difficult (but not impossible) to forget.

Nb, it is advised you swim with some (no matter how sporadic) regularity (even once a year on holiday)  because long spans can result in remembering the theory, but not the finesse or practicals of teaching (but this would convert if it were essential to swimming to safety!)



You can’t guarantee that you won’t go through some form of water trauma; no matter how you try. Even in your depth in the pool you can slip. So it’s important (really important) to learn at any age. 


Gives them confidence: 

The quick progression that the quality of our instructors generally provides helps children gain a sense of accomplishment, as well as a new skill! This all feeds their confidence, which feeds into other areas of life!


More opportunities for activities

Learning to swim gives you access to a whole world of water fun – water slides, beach adventures, water sports,  boating holidays, sport, keep-fit opportunities, snorkeling, surfing, etc.  Get ready for adventures and new experiences next summer, by learning the basics and essentials of water confidence and swimming now!


Health and other benefits

Swimming helps fosters courage, confidence, and trust and helps to develop friendships. It's great for socialization and relaxation- as accomplishing things together as a group is a great way to make friends (as well as for mums and dads spending the same half-hour together each week.). Learning to swim is also proven to aid children in education. No. really!  In a study done in 2012, it was found that children who learn how to swim at a young age are reaching many developmental milestones earlier than the norm as well as scoring significantly better in visual-motor skills such as cutting paper, colouring in and drawing lines and shapes, and many mathematically-related tasks. Their oral expression was also better as well as in the general areas of literacy and numeracy.