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5 year Old In Walsall Swims A Mile!

by Jo | 25/08/2015 | News

A 5 year old girl from Walsall has swum a mile (70 lengths), and after looking on the internet, her mum thinks she might be one of the first to do it! "I think she must be one of the youngest children in the country to have swum a mile.”  If your child has done this, at 5 or under, can you let us know? We're intrigued! 

 Kerry Pullinger, her mother, wanted her to learn to swim 25m, for her own safety; “I think every child should be able to do that for their own safety” she says in an interview with the, also commenting that swimming “is good for her asthma because it exercises her lungs.”

We offer 1-2-1 swimming lessons for those over the age of 2, and follow the ASA lesson teaching structure which has many different achievements; one of which is a 1 mile swim.