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With over 20 years experience in childcare behind me (4 yrs as a Nursery Nurse, 17 years as a Professional Nanny), I felt like I needed a new challenge. With the love of swimming myself and the joy of teaching and caring for children it was suggested to me why don't I become a Swimming Teacher. Why I never thought of this myself I don't know?! So that was it - I booked on to the Level 1 Teaching Aquatics and never looked back.

I started teaching in Feb 2016 for my local leisure centre where I swim myself. Started with only teaching 4 lessons a week and now have increased to 20+ lessons a week mainly Ducklings, Stages 1 & 2. With my experience of young children and special needs these stages really suit my teaching technique. I feel I'm calm, patient and encouraging with a great deal of enthusiasm. I have just completed the Adult & Child course and now looking into doing the Snorkelling CPD. I'm really enjoying my new path - let's see if doing something new works for you too!


  • Young children with fear or nerves
  • Pre school introductory confidence in water
  • Adults wishing to build confidence in water
  • Stroke improvement in all ages

Qualifications and professional memberships:

  • ASA Level 1 Teaching Aquatics
  • ASA Level 2 Teaching Aquatics
  • Adult & Child Teaching Course
  • Peadiatric First Aid & Emergency First Aid at Work
  • NVQ level 2 & 3 in Childcare and Education
  • CPD in Safeguarding and protecting children
  • DBS checked
  • IOS insured

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Selina (Adult Improver)

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I decided to sign up with SwimExpert after a trip abroad highlighted the importance of being a confident swimmer. Although I could swim my own version of breast stroke, I had never really attempted front crawl and I wanted to become a stronger swimmer generally. I learned more with Lisa in our first lesson than I had in the multiple lessons I had at school. Lisa is an absolute pleasure to be around, she is friendly, patient and most of all she really wanted me to succeed with my goals as much as I did. Lessons with Lisa were fun, she wasn't afraid to repeat the things I struggled with but also helped give me a little push when needed which meant I got the most out of my lessons. I am now capable of swimming front crawl and feel much more confident than before my lessons with SwimExpert. Thank you Lisa! :)

Mark Williams (Child Improver)

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Lisa has been a fantastic teacher and has really brought the boys on, her friendly attention to detail has really encouraged the boys to become great swimmers. I would highly recommend Lisa B as a swimming teacher. It has been great to get to know Lisa and the boys will miss her.

Kym Doel (Adult Beginner)

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I am a complete beginner and did not know anything about swimming techniques. I was very nervous around the water and struggled as an adult to get comfortable in the water. After putting off swimming I eventually booked my block. I had my block in the same week as more of an intensive option. I had three different instructors during that week, Stuart W, Gareth R, and Lisa B. All three of them were really helpful. They each bought something different to my lessons. They all listened to me and let me push myself and get there with their guidance and support. They have taught me many different techniques which I will continue to use. I didn't feel rushed or pushed into something I was not comfortable with doing. Thank you all for your patience. I would highly recommend.

Lesley (Adult Improver)

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Lisa was lovely, very reassuring and easy to get along with. She took time to explain what she wanted me to do and was extremely encouraging. I booked a block of 5 half hour sessions and enjoyed them all. I feel a lot more confident now than I did before these classes.

Mrs A (Basingstoke) (Child Beginner)

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My daughter is a very difficult child to teach as she suffers from anxiety related disorders like Selective Mutism. Her swimming instructor, Lisa, is very thoughtful and encourages her to try new things. Lisa often goes out of her way to buy new toys to swim with and gets additional rewards for trying, like stickers and Kinder Surprise eggs. Lisa doesn't have to do this, but she does anyway entirely at her own expense, which just shows what a kind and generous person she is, and how seeing a child become more confident in the water is a fundamental principle for Lisa. Despite her anxieties, my daughter has come a long way since starting lessons, and her confidence in the water has really grown. Thank you, Lisa! The Head Office team are also always really helpful and friendly, and contacting them via phone or email is really easy. They always respond to emails in a timely manner; great service in general.

Wayne East (Adult Beginner)

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Before I started I was not comfortable in swimming at all - I had no experience and was scared of going underwater. After completing my 10 sessions I have learnt so much and I actually enjoy swimming as a hobby now! As an adult beginner I have learnt so much from my teacher and they allow you to go on your own pace! The teacher was also friendly and encouraging! I would go to my local gym to practice swimming as it is fun! I still have lots to learn which what motivates me to continue to swim! I would highly recommend anyone this service if they want to learn to swim or improve! The price can be steep but it is definitely worth it!

Shoaib (Child Beginner)

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Our Kids Age 5 & 9 entered the pool for the first time ever with Lisa B. From hesitation to enter the pool we have reached a point where its hard to get them out of the pool once the lesson is done. Both kids have learnt to swim really quick purely because learning was presented as sport and fun. we would recommend Lisa B as instructor to anyone who want their kids to be in safe, affectionate and professional hands during their swim lessons


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Lisa is a fantastic teacher. She is a natural with children, always having a sunny disposition and endless patience. On top of that she has expert knowledge of swimming and always goes above and beyond the call of duty taking the time to give verbal feedback to the parents after every session. Lisa is so irreplaceable that we won’t let any other instructor teach our children from any other swim school.

(Adult Beginner)

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Walking into my first lesson, I was very anxious as my confidence with water has been very low all my life. Lisa made me feel at ease instantly and explained that we can go at whatever pace I was comfortable with. My particular fear was feeling safe going underwater, which Lisa had me doing by the end of my first lesson. Over the course of the 20 block of lessons, Lisa helped me build my confidence week by week resulting in the ability to confidently breast stroke, front crawl, Push and glide under water, grabbing weights from the bottom of pool and even a little bit of dolphin kick. I thoroughly recommend Swim Expert to any adults looking to learn. There was zero judgement from all sides and very easy to rearrange lessons when I needed to and the office team would always contact me if they saw an opportunity to increase my 30 min lesson to an hour if there was a cancellation either side. Thank you very much for helping me overcome my fears. I now love swimming.