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Even Astronauts Need to Swim.

by Jo | 02/09/2015 | Tons of FUN

 NASA has released information about it’s official requirements; and as well as having a bachelors degree in engineering, biological sciences, physical sciences, or maths, 3 years work experience (or a masters degree), 20/20 vision, blood pressure below 140/90 in a sitting position, be 5”1-6”2 tall, need 1000 hours experience of flying a jet- just to get through to the week of interviews, which also include medical screenings you'll also need to be able to swim.

For the lucky few who fit the initual requirements and screening,, they need 2 years training and acclimatization, which includes swimming 3 lengths nonstop, and then a further 3 lengths in your flight suit and tennis shoes, capping it all off with 10mins of treading water continuously before they get to go into space.

You’ll also need to be comfortable with the idea of scuba diving.


If going into space is a dream of yours, don’t fall at the final hurdle. We have experience teaching people of all abilities to swim.

For swimming coaches and teachers… is there a new ‘set’ about to emerge called’ astronaut training? 3 lengths, 3 in a t-shirt, and then 10 mins treading water. It’d certainly strengthen your kicking!