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Meet The Team

Female Swimming Teachers


Hi I’m Becky, I’ve been a swimming teacher for 5 years and over that time I have taught swimmers of all ages and abilities. I love working in the dynamic and challenging environment a swimming pool creates and am always thinking of new ways to get the best out of my swimmers. I have in depth experience working with younger, nervous swimmers. I specialise in building up confidence and am not afraid to make myself look like a fool for their enjoyment.

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I have always been in love with the water. Being in or around a body of water, even at a young age, has brought me so many brilliant memories that I still cherish today. I have swum through the ASA levels and upon completing them I was faced with so many options of where I wanted to go and what I pursue next...

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Cat H

I am a former competitive swimmer, having reached Regional championship finals as a teenager and last year competed in the World Masters Championships in Budapest, almost breaking into the top 20 in my age. 

I have been teaching and coaching swimming for nearly 10 years, and for the past 3 years I have been doing so on a full time basis; regularly teaching beginner levels, one to one lessons and coaching competitive swimming to a range of ages. 

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Charlotte C


From the age of 1, my Dad would take me down to the sea and sit me in the waves in my small inflatable boat and apparently it was very obvious that I already had a love for the water at that age.

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Cristina I

I have been diving competitively since the age of 6, representing my city at national competitions; my ranking 1st in the nationals at the age of 9.

Naturally, I then began coaching for the swimming club I was part at the age of 22.

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Dani H

I am passionate about fitness and well-being. I have always been into sport from a young age, from gymnastics to athletics. My background is diving and I have been competing for over 15 years, from regional competitions to international and European competitions. I can share my expertise in fitness to beginners or to clients competing in different types of sport.

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Hello everyone, my name is Esther and I have been a swimmer for 16 years participating in national competitions back in Spain. I love swimming. Not only is it an essential life skill, but it's also great for your body and your mind.

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My name is Evie, I've spent the majority of my life around swimming pools, both swimming and now teaching. Coming from a family that are swimming teachers and have hobbies around water following that path was nature.

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Fay G

Hi my name is Fay.

I began swimming competitively at the age of eight and have swum at county, regional and zonal level. I am a current member of the swansea university swimming team. I qualified as  a swimming teacher the day after my seventeenth birthday and have been teaching ever since.

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Francesca M

Hi my name is Fran, I used to compete when I was younger, I have always had a passion for swimming and helping others progress. I have level 1 and 2 qualifications, I find teaching very rewarding.

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Georgie T

Before swimming I spent 20 years in marketing in the corporate sector and have now left this ‘secure’ environment to follow my dreams.  Part of this dream is to pass on the joy of swimming to other people and to allow them to experience the amazing sense of achievement that follows a triathlon or open water swim.  

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Hello there! My name is Hannah. I am a very calm yet enthusiastic individual with 11 years of swim teaching experience under my belt.

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Jemima K

Hi! I’m Jemima and I’ve loved being around water ever since I can remember, from swimming to kayaking to just dipping my toes in the sea! I learned to swim at my local leisure centre, and after that I found a love for water safety, attending a lifesaving club and then taking the NPLQ to qualify as a lifeguard.

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Jemima M

As a level two swimming teacher I hope to pass on my love and dedication of the sport. I love any sort of challenge so am willing to take on any level of swimmer and strive to achieve their targets with them.

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Jenny L

My name is Jenny and I started practising as a teacher 10 years ago when I fostered some children. They didn't want to be shouted at from the side of the pool and asked me to teach them, as they enjoyed our pool sessions together.

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Hi my name is Karen and I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.

Since a young age I have had a passion for swimming and have been a swimming teacher now for over 30 years, working with children from 2½ - 11 years old.



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Karen B

Having worked in law for over 20 years, I felt an office environment wasn't my calling. My father was a swimming teacher, and taught me at the age of 3 to swim with confidence and have fun. Nearing the age of 40 (the chlorine keeps me looking young!), I knew I had to make a change that involved something I was passionate about and loved. 

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Swimming is a Life Skill and it could potentially save a life.  

I got lucky - my primary school had a small indoor pool and it was well used during my time at the school - so this is where my swimming journey began. At Secondary School lessons were at the local leisure centre where I also joined the Junior Life Saving Club. My teachers expected me to listen carefully, work hard and attain high standards before allowing me to progress to the next stage but they were enthusiastic, encouraging, patient and supportive - enjoying my successes almost as much as I did and now, as a teacher, I understand why!

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With over 20 years experience in childcare behind me (4 yrs as a Nursery Nurse, 17 years as a Professional Nanny), I felt like I needed a new challenge. With the love of swimming myself and the joy of teaching and caring for children it was suggested to me why don't I become a Swimming Teacher. 

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Swimming is fun, a life skill and can be enjoyed by all. I have been teaching swimming for over 6 years in the UK and Dubai. I have taught both groups and 1-2-1 classes to all ages, from 3 year olds to adults. I have focused on and improved a particular stroke that a swimmer has struggled with e.g. incorrect breaststroke kick. I have worked with competent swimmers, improving their technique, building their stamina and speed, as part of their fitness programme or in preparation for a race.

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I am an ASA Level 2 Teacher and Level 3 Swim Coach having taught swimming since 2003. In addition to being a hands-on swimming teacher, I work at a strategic level in the delivery of swim programmes both in a swim school and in a highly successful private school for girls in the Sevenoaks area. Some of my students have competed at National level. I have experience of delivering lessons in water polo, life saving and synchronised swimming, primarily for enjoyment purposes but also to gain a taste for these aquatic skills.

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Megan S

Swimming is something I can never get tired of. I love helping people learn what they need to become a better and more confident swimmer. From a young age I was always in the water for birthday parties and days out with the family. I then began swimming competitively at the age of 8 and represented my club at Regionals.

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Monica D

I've been swimming since I can remember. My parents put me in swimming lessons when I was little and i've swam ever since. I love being in the water, whether it's at a pool or the sea. I started as a swimming instructor in Portugal after I graduated from University and I took the lifeguard course as well. 

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Olivia F

Olivia has been a lifelong swimmer, swimming her first 5 metres unaided aged just 4, and then progressing to competitive club and county level until the age of 18 as well as various national England trials.

Olivia became a qualified swimming teacher at the age of 16 and taught all levels and ages for ten years, focusing particularly on beginner adults and children with special needs. Olivia is very passionate about instilling water confidence in complete beginners, then seeing the progress.

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Olivia W

My name is Olivia and I am a fully qualified swimming instructor. Swimming has been my passion since I was a child, representing Bridgend County Swim Squad as a performance swimming who competed at many swimming galas and trails. 

For the last 3 years I have been teaching swimming to adults and children of all ages and standards. 

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Fun and effective lessons are my main goal. Swimming is a lifesaving skill however it should not feel like a chore. I love swim teaching; I can see people progress and enjoy my lessons which in turn makes me happy, and there is nothing better than enjoying your job. Not many university students can express how much they love their job and that is an achievement which gives me a sense of pride.

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Teaching is in my nature and something I am passionate about. I swim regularly myself and believe it is never too early (or too late) to fall in love with water!

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Sarah B

Hi i'm Sarah and I have enjoyed swimming as a hobby for over 22 years. I was put into swimming lessons at an early age. It was my favourite thing growing up and I swam through all the stages, then went on to swim competitively for my town. 

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Hi I'm Shadiay! I work within the swimming world for a number of different client types and have turned my hand to most abilities. I have experience with all ages from toddlers to adults and absolutely love the challenge of new clients, helping them meet thier targets and encouraging them to continually craft new goals. 

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Hi, I'm Shola and I have been swimming since I was a baby. I love the water; everyone should enjoy it and learn how to swim! In high school I was a competitive swimmer for 4 years and then became a national coach for the Canadian Special Olympics for 6 years.

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Tanya B

My name is Tanya.  I have been swimming from early childhood having been brought up in sunnier climates. On return to the UK it was suggested in my school swimming lessons that I should join the local swimming club.  This I very anxiously did at the age of 10 and it lead to many happy years competing for several clubs, my county and participating in regional and national competitions.

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Toyin D

Hi, my name is Toyin. I have always loved swimming and feel blessed to be able to share my passion and experience with so many different individuals.

Two things inspired me to become a swimming teacher.  Seeing my young son struggling with a fear of water during his lessons and  watching  my daughter sail through the levels, all the way to achieving her life saving award.  I got such a buzz from wanting to bridge the gap between my children.  Once I realized I could  help others who were struggling with fear and a lack of confidence in the water, a goal was birthed.  That goal continues to be fulfilled today.

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Wendy C

My name is Wendy and I am a fully qualified ASA level 2 swimming teacher since 2002. I am very experienced in all aspects of swimming and although I realise this is a challenging position, I have the teaching skills and patience needed to teach swimming lessons.

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